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electricdoommp3's Journal

Doom Metal MP3s
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Rules. Follow them or be smashed.

  1. This community is for DOOM METAL ONLY. If you're not sure of a band, check out the Metal Archives, or if that site is down (and it often is), Wikipedia. Another good place to look is The List. It's a bit outdated now, but you're sure to find it useful.

  2. Everyone has been new to metal at some point. If someone posts incorrect information about a band, don't insult them, just correct them politely.

  3. In relation to the last one, don't be a fucking elitist. Nobody cares how big your ePenis is. The point of this community is sharing music. This is not a pissing contest.

  4. This is an important one: This community is for ALL doom metal. That means we accept Traditional, Epic, Death/Doom, Funeral, Drone, Stoner, and Sludge, and whatever may fall into any of these categories. You are the only one who cares if you hate a certain subgenre.

  5. It's okay to promote music related communities. Just don't spam, and if you're pimping your community in a comment to someone else, make sure it's vaguely on topic. Example, a discussion is going on about Black Sabbath, you may mention your Black Sabbath fan community. If the discussion is about a movie, don't bring up your community at random.

  6. Please post the artist in the subject line or tags. This makes it easier to categorize, and thus easier for people to find.

  7. Please put large requests or album lists under a cut. If you don't know how to LJ cut, simply type the following: <lj-cut>your post</lj-cut>. optionally, you may type <lj-cut text="something related to the post underneath">.

  8. This community is for Doom Metal MP3s. NO OTHER FORMAT is accepted, LEAST OF ALL WMA. Every time you encode into WMA, Michael Jackson touches another little boy. Don't do it. I make exceptions for .ogg, but please don't abuse that provision or I will stop it.

  9. In addition, don't convert from one lossy format to mp3 to satisfy the previous rule. It causes a loss in quality- much like the more copies you make of an audio tape the worse it sounds. Converting from lossless (for example, FLAC) is okay. If you are not sure if your format is lossy or lossless, please see here. If you have the original CD, re-rip it into mp3. I will elaborate on this in the next rule.

  10. If you are ripping mp3s from a CD, ensure that you do not use iTunes for this. I'm not sure about Windows Media Player's behaviour with mp3s, however part of the reason why WMAs are not accepted here is similar to why you are not to rip using iTunes: Digital Rights Management or DRM. For your ripping needs, Windows users may use CDex. Mac users, please help me find a good mp3 ripping program for the Macintosh, so I can update this. Don't know how to use it? Learn. It's not rocket science.

  11. One thing that's annoyed the SHIT out of me is bad filenaming. For example: #_ALBUM_NAME_SONG_NAME_BAND_NAME.MP3. Often with no leading zeroes. So, please, try to upload files that go like this: Band_Name_-_Album_Name_-_##_-_Song_Name.mp3. To make it easier on you, and on people who download albums with filename systems they don't like, please download this (No mac version, unfortunately.)

  12. If you are providing whole albums, try to upload them in a compressed .RAR format. .ZIP is strongly discouraged, and you will be made fun of for using it. Windows users may use WinRAR, Mac users may use RAR for MacOSX. There is no excuse for not using .RAR. Don't know how to use the programs I linked? Tough shit. It's not that hard.

  13. Try to encode at a minimum of 128kb/s.

  14. Don't leech. If you took an album, make sure you say so.

  15. There are quite a few places to upload, but the four that are most accepted are: YouSendIt, Uploadr, Megaupload and Sendspace. Each have their pros and cons; just pick the one that works best for you. However, if someone requests a certain site (because, again, each have their pros and cons with downloading as well as uploading), be nice and fulfill that request.

  16. Don't constantly harass people to upload something. Most of us have lives. You may give them little reminders now and then, however- most of us are forgetful, too.

  17. Lastly, enjoy yourself and let's make a great community.

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